Atlanta Pin Swap

This Saturday, April 27 2013, there is a pinball event in the Atlanta area (Buford, to be more precise); I'm very excited.  The Atlanta Pin Swap is a gathering of pinball vendors, owners, and enthusiasts who will come together to buy/sell parts and machines, as well as to play the machines brought in by owners.  There will also be a tournament for people to compete in.

There are a couple of games that I'm looking forward to playing while there, Bally's Space Invaders (1979), and Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz (Fall 2013).  We haven't been able to find a good Space Invaders to play on (we ran across one in a bowling alley in Albuquerque, but as with most machines we've run across in our search, there were maintenance issues with it), so we're hopeful that there will be at least one in good working order.  Wizard of Oz is Jersey Jack's first machine and I'm hopeful that they'll provide some much needed competition to Stern which will improve the quality of the machines out in the world.
If you're in the area and need to satisfy your pinball cravings (given the dearth of machines. . . ), check out the Atlanta Pin Swap.
Also, as I found out recently there is also an Atlanta Pinball League (they're sponsors of the Pin Swap); check them out as well.