Acadia National Park


Officially, Acadia National Park was closed - you know, government shutdown and all. However, we'd heard that the rangers who were on duty (it turns out that they were volunteers, four of them) weren't turning away or forcing people out - the gates were just closed to vehicle traffic.

In the back lawn area of the hotel we stayed at, past the swimming pool and the hot tub, was a small trail of crushed stone which led into the park. This path was the start of two of my days in Bar Harbor this past weekend. While the air was still crisp and cool, I got to get out and run in the quiet chill of Acadia National Park. During my two runs I saw a total of three cyclists, three hikers, one other runner, and a ranger (driving along the loop road, returning my wave as I ran by).

It was beautiful there, and did I mention the quiet? I could have stayed up there for weeks, just wandering, running, hiking through the park.  It was so nice to be able to run along the deserted park roads and trails with almost no one else around.