Miscellaneous happenings since … is that really the last time I posted?

Race time

This past weekend, Zen and I ran in the Kirkwood Spring Fling 5K.  This was the culmination of an eight week training program headed by one of our neighbors (and running coach) who also goes to our gym.

For the past two months we've had weekly Wednesday evening group runs and then individual runs between those.  Running time gradually increased throughout the training period, as did the amount of speed work we did.

My goal was to hit around a 7 minute mile, I finished in 22:07, which puts my overall average at 7:08.  My per mile (plus a bit) pace is nicer to look at though.

1.0: 7:25
2.0: 7:02
3.0: 6:38
3.1: 6:12

My start was very slow.  I was further back than I should have been considering I wanted a good time for the course.  The result was that I ended up having to wind my way through a lot of other runners to get to where I should be.  Oh, well.

I'm still keeping my runs in Strava in case you're interested in seeing the course and my race (and other run) details.  Zen also started using it, so now we can see each-other's progress.

Now that that's complete, we can get back to our regularly scheduled Wednesday night yoga.  We've really been missing that.

Next up, a followup training group for 10K and half-marathon (HM) distances.  This time, Zen will take on the 10K, while I go for the HM.

We're going to try to continue to do some 5K races along the way, but one of our target races is the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K in January (2016/01/22).  It'll be a little chilly then and I generally don't like running in the cold (that's why I took up rowing this past winter), but it looks like fun ... and really, who doesn't like hot chocolate.  Also, given that I don't have a dress code at work (most of the time - we had clients in this week and I had to wear a button-up shirt for a change), running races provides me with additional clothing so I'm not wearing the same five shirts every week.

Anyway, just thought I'd make some use of this page ... maybe dust a little and clear away some cob-webs.  The air was getting a little stale in here.

In other news ...

Progress on last year's knives is still slow.  With last year's back problem and this years less-severe problems, it was difficult to sit at the bench for too long.  This caused a major slowdown; it also didn't help that once I was feeling up to it again, we were so busy with other things.  Long-story-short: I'm a slacker and just need to get back to it.

I did get one of the nine (perhaps this was too big of a bite) that I'm working on up to the point of heat treating though.  Once I get the other eight to that stage, I'll send them off for that task.  Then once they're back again, I can get to the next stage (final sanding, handles, and sharpening).

Alsø alsø wik

I'm also trying out yet another fitness/smart watch.  This time it's the Garmin fēnix 3, as a stand-in for the Garmin fēnix 3 HR, which is like the first but adds an optical heart rate monitor.  So far, I'm liking it much more than the others I've tried out (which, in a way, is unfortunate since it's probably the most expensive of the bunch).  It's a tad large though - I've got fairly small wrists, but I'm getting used to it.  The Garmin software has a connection to Strava so my recorded activities automatically sync which is nice.  It's also got a very unobtrusive interface and doesn't blind me when I move my wrist and it's dark out - a definite plus.  We'll see how I feel after another week and a half of wear (and some runs - I haven't done any of those with it yet) whether I can deal with the size ...


As always, all my love to y'all who read this.  I hope you're doing well.