Perpetuating Failure (part one)

In a rational system, a process or policy which has shown to be ineffective, counterproductive, or destructive would be abandoned.

In a rational system, a process or policy would be based on truth and evidence, rather than emotions such as fear or greed or the misguided beliefs of even a majority of leaders.

We have seen firsthand that the policies that our leaders pursue do not stem from a rational system. Therefore, the conclusion is that we do not operate in a rational system.

This leads to the following questions (and undoubtedly more):

  • What are the costs of irrationality?
  • How did we move toward irrationality?
  • How do we fix the problem?
    • How do we move back toward a rational system)?
    • How do we eliminate ineffective and malignant policies?
  • How do we help those that have been hurt by the malignant policies?

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Why the truth matters.

Truth and facts, why are they important?

Why does it matter that they are important?

I believe that to make the best decisions, a person must be well informed.  Informed of the relevant information, facts.  If the data is incorrect, then the decision is made in error.  What are the potential consequences?  In the case of an airline, the instruments must be accurate - without this (if the sensors are incorrect (intentionally or not)), lives are put at risk.  In the case of public policy, lives are still put at risk.

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Why I March

​This past weekend, on Saturday January 21, I joined with about the sixty thousand women, children, and men in Atlanta who marched from the Center for Civil and Human Rights to Liberty Plaza, across from the Georgia State Capital.

I was there not because I think Trump is an illegitimate president (though there is enough evidence to support the claim).  I was there because I believe that women, the LGBT+ community, racial minorites, and other underrepresented people deserve equal representation and consideration.  Their voices deserve to be heard, their concerns are valid and they shouldn't have to stand alone fighting to be heard.

The problems we face are not simply the policies of old white men (though they are usually the ones in power), but the larger threat  that is conservatism and religious zealotry.  Conservatism seeks to hold us back to bygone eras which are only glamorous in the memories and the entertainment media.  Times when children always behaved their parents, parents slept in separate beds, and quiet towns like Mayberry were the norm.  Times when manufacturing plants killed and dismembered the workers (adult and child alike), mining accidents were shrugged off, and the miners which survived did so with respiratory problems.  Times when a man could be a man, and treat his woman (whose place was in the home, or to be seen and not heard) just like any other piece of property he owned - justifiably because the family Bible told him it was just.  Is this what the target is?  Is this when America was great before?

Perhaps I'm being a bit hyperbolic.  But think about what the "good old days" refer to.  When was it, what happened, what did it look like (in actuality and in the media (news vs. entertainment))?  Is that what we want or do we want to make progress as a society?

I vote for progress, I vote for equality for all. Sure there were issues with both candidates, but only one showed the promise of progress.  So, I march to ensure that my voice, our voices, can be heard.  I march in support of the rights of the disenfranchised, the dismissed, and the oppressed. I march against racism, sexism, and xenophobia.  I march against legislated morality.  I march for logic and reason as the basis of policy.  I march for truth, justice, and the American way for all of its citizens.

Be excellent to each other.


V for Vendetta (2005)  was one of those movies that I liked instantly, not that I'm alone in that.  It was well written, produced, and acted, but it also had a story that I could get into; a tortured character's revenge, rebelling against a corrupt, totalitarian, 'moralistic' regime and a dash of conspiracy.  Everything a young male could need, right?

There was one part though, that never really sat right.

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For a while now, I've been hearing the phrase "liberal elite", and haven't really thought much about it.  It's use is almost entirely pejorative, but I recently stopped to think about its meaning.  Along the way, I thought I'd pull up actual definitions for other oft-used words and phrases.

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