I've got several projects that I need to get working on.  This page will serve two purposes; first as a sort of todo list (I've got one elsewhere, but I think I'll catalog them here as well), and second as a record with progress photos.  We'll see how that works out.

  • Silverware drawer organizer: The kitchen drawers we have are extremely narrow, obviating the use of the standard silverware trays you might find at the home stores.  The goal is to create a drawer insert which fits in the drawers we have and can hold all of our silverware.  Since this is a custom piece, it will likely only fit silverware which match the dimensions of ours.
  • Dining room table: A replacement to our existing table (which serves its purpose, but has its drawbacks).
  • Desk-lamp camera arm: I purchased a webcam which has a tripod mount base for this purpose.  The goal is to use this swing-arm camera to help photograph and document project builds.
  • Water-flow meter: A method of measuring the amount of water used at a particular faucet.  The goal is to fit these to all water outlets in the home.
  • Audio Latency Tester: A hardware connection setup for testing the end-to-end latency of an audio signal across a wireless call.
  • Entertainment center:  The living room of our current house is a little smaller than the one in our last apartment, which makes it a bit crowded for our large couch+love-seat and other furniture.  The entertainment center is next-up for replacement.  I've got some ideas with how to handle it, so I'll see if I can get something drawn up - and then actually get it done.

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