Water flow meter


Since we moved into our house we've had high water bills.  Unfortunately, we'd also not had anything to compare against (it was our first house).  After trying to reduce our water usage and continuing to see the usage increase on our bill, we called in a plumber and they were able to identify a leak between the meter and the house.  Repairing the leak resulted in a 73% decrease in our water bill (and will have paid for itself within six months).  Before we had the plumber come out though, I'd had the thought to place a flow meter on the faucets to monitor usage at the outlet.


For each water outlet in a home, there would exist a device, which would measure the amount of water used at that location and then log the usage data for analysis.  For my purposes, to see where all of our water was going (and to match the usage against the water meter).  This project would evolve in stages:

  1. Create the basic device, storing the data locally for analysis.
  2. Add remote logging capabilities with multi-device support.  This would enable multiple outlets to log to a central location.
  3. Add local analysis and user feedback.  Based on average usage at a location, indicate to the user how their usage compares.
  4. Develop into a user-friendly package.

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