I've been running off and on since around 1992, when I joined the cross country team in high school. I really wanted to play basketball, but I didn't make the team. I don't really remember why I joined though. Perhaps it was a way to get in shape for tryouts the next time around, or maybe it was just something to do. Either way (or something completely different), I've been running since.
   There were stretches where I didn't run at all, but (so far) I've always come back to it. I recently (November of 2012) started running again after some time away. Right before the holidays (with travel and all that) is not really the best time to try to start a new habit. I picked it back up though mid January (2013) and have tried to keep consistent.
Here, I'll be collecting information about my runs. I'm sure that if anyone ever stumbled across this page, they would find it incredibly boring. That said, I'm still going to maintain it . . . at least for a while.
    As noted on the Equipment page, I'm now using Strava for my run logging along with my Garmin watch.  I can start my run session on the watch, which has GPS, HR, etc., and when the run is over it will sync its data with Strava for logging.

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        Miscellaneous happenings since … is that really the last time I posted?

        Race time Race time This past weekend, Zen and I ran in the Kirkwood Spring Fling 5K.  This was the culmination of an eight week training program headed by one of our neighbors (and running coach) who also goes to … Continue reading

        Posted in Running, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Miscellaneous happenings since … is that really the last time I posted?

        Acadia National Park

        Officially, Acadia National Park was closed – you know, government shutdown and all. However, we’d heard that the rangers who were on duty (it turns out that they were volunteers, four of them) weren’t turning away or forcing people out … Continue reading

        Posted in Running | Comments Off on Acadia National Park

        That’s it for now

        I think I’ll take a break from posting every run here.  I’ll still be logging them and updating the chart on the running page, but I’ve been finding that the posts seem repetitive and boring to me.  There’s only so … Continue reading

        Posted in Running | Comments Off on That’s it for now

        2013.08.31 – 3.11mi.; 26:56

        It was much cooler this morning which made the run a bit more bearable.  I ran the same course as Thursday and was able to complete it without walking this time (which was nice).  I was also able to convince … Continue reading

        Posted in Running | Comments Off on 2013.08.31 – 3.11mi.; 26:56

        2013.08.29 – 3.10mi.; 26:30

        It was another hot one today (~ 90 degrees) and there was practically no wind to help with the cooling. I didn’t do the group run tonight (I had to stop off at the house and couldn’t make it back … Continue reading

        Posted in Running | Comments Off on 2013.08.29 – 3.10mi.; 26:30

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