Thought I'd keep a list of what I carry with me while I run.

  • Shoes: Merrell Vapor Glove 2.  Theses are low-profile (barefoot/minimalist - no/low-drop) shoe and are a replacement for another pair of Merrells that started wearing though the sole. I retired the second pair of Vibram Five Fingers early, unfortunately.  The sizing changed a bit between runs (and I ordered the same size I had before); they were just a tad small and were uncomfortable to wear.
  • RoadID: just in case anything happens while I'm out, assuming someone finds me, they can call somebody who cares.
  • Phone: doesn't matter what brand; it's an Android phone.
    • Run logging: I'm currently using Strava to log my runs.  While I still carry my phone with me (for emergencies), I can do all my tracking with my watch (which records to Garmin's app) which automatically syncs to Strava.
  • Watch: Garmin Forerunner 235.  This is the smaller (cheaper) sibling of the fēnix 3 HR which I posted about in May.  It has a heart-rate sensor and GPS.
  • Phone case: I've recently switched to using the SPI belt for carrying my phone in.  It works pretty well, but my phone is a bit large so it's kind of a snug fit.

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